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From: Donna Toothaker, Boston, MA, USA

Dear Friend:

I've been in your shoes—working long days every day. Having some level of success but unable to enjoy it because there was no free time. I felt like I was 'winging it' all the time, and afraid something would fall through the cracks because there was no support or systems in place.

I had good months and then some bad months. There was no consistency. Some months I had many clients. Other months I had few. Some months I gained new clients, other months—no one called. I was beginning to dislike my business. The only thing I knew for sure was that I WAS going to create the business I dreamed of no matter what it took.

I knew I needed support, so I hired what ultimately became many business marketing and mindset coaches over the course of several years. I gained incredible knowledge from each of them. They guided me in creating an effective marketing plan—THAT WORKED! They helped me to build a fabulous team that loves to support me and my clients, taught me how to systemize my business to have better productivity and higher revenues, and shared why it's so important to have established boundaries and standards in a business. I also learned how to stop trading my hours for dollars and to charge (and get!) what I'm worth. And lastly, they helped me to see that no matter how much I was marketing, if I wasn't maintaining a 'success' mindset, it would always be a struggle.

Here I am with two of my mentors, Ali Brown and Fabienne Fredrickson.

Donna Toothaker with Ali Brown     Donna Toothaker with Fabienne


Once I implemented everything I was learning I saw major positive differences in my business (and life!). I no longer had inconsistencies with my earnings. My pipeline was filled with prospects, my marketing was attracting clients regularly, my team was handling the client work, my business was systemized and running effortlessly. I had done it! I had created a 6-figure VA business that I loved. I was able to travel and vacation with my family. I was able to just do the work I loved. Life was amazing!

Throughout this self-paced 6-module program, from my live 6-week program, I share with you what I learned and the steps I took to ensure 6-figure success year after year.

"I want more!"

I really enjoyed this program. The value was amazing and Donna was very generous with sharing her knowledge. I can take the information given during this 6 week program and make significant changes to my business, but I signed up to take the 6 month program with Donna, I want more!

Donna Cravotta

Here is what you will learn in each module:

Step 1: Why it's important to be the CEO in your Business if you want to grow it to 6 figures.

Step 2: How to raise your rates and create packages from your services. You'll learn how to stop trading hours for dollars.

Step 3: How to create a support team for your business and your client workload. You'll learn why you can't build a 6-figure business without a team.

Step 4: How to market effectively, consistently, and in a compelling way. Learn how to create a simple, yet effective, marketing plan.

Step 5: Why established systems are not just important, but necessary in your business. You'll see how systemizing your business will give you more productivity and profitability.

Step 6: Why having the appropriate "success" mindset is key in creating the 6-figure VA business of your dreams.

"The material included is invaluable and helped shorten the learning curve."

The 6 Steps to 6 Figure VA Success System provided a tremendous amount of content for VAs. Most Virtual Assistants have a background of supporting others, and changing that mindset to CEO can be difficult. The material included is invaluable, and really helped to shorten the learning curve! I am confident that implementing what I learned in this program will allow me to have a successful 6 figure business.
Thanks Donna

Deborah Reynolds
DediKated Resource

After learning the material in the system, you will:

6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System

I am offering the 6 Steps to 6-Figure VA Success System at a low price of $297.

You'll receive all the same tools and concepts to create your 6-figure business that I shared on the live program and with private clients but for much less! You'll receive SIX 45-60 minute audios and the 60+ page system guide. So whether you're an audio or a visual learner—you're covered!


"Great for VAs who are truly ready to take it to another level."

This system helped me in so many ways. Before taking the class, I already knew that I wanted a team and I had started building one, but I needed a road map. Week by week I learned new procedures that I was able to inject into my business which helped to build my confidence, it reinforced what I wanted to achieve, and pushed me to take it further. This is a great program for VAs who are truly ready to take it to another level

Thank you Donna! 

April Sullivan
Virtual Assistant Chick


Are You Ready to STEP IT UP?

$297 Value!

I'm looking forward to giving you the strategies for the business success you've been looking for.



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Donna Toothaker

P.S. Remember, being a success is no accident – I’ve done it and many of my other clients have done it. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you my strategies step by step.

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